Smoking presents a major healthy hazard. However, the process of giving up smoking can cause a great deal of stress and trauma. Through extensive clinical use, acupuncture has proved to be an effective treatment that has helped many people to overcome their addiction.
Because the acupuncture smoking termination program is individualized, it is often successful for those who have been unable to stop smoking through other methods. Often, our patients may have tried Nicorette gum, the nicotine patch or some type of organized program.
How does the acupuncture treatment work?
Some are social smokers, some smoke for pleasure, some smoke alone or for emotional reasons or when stressed. Nicotine Addiction is one of the biggest challenges of giving up smoking. Nicotine is a powerful mood-altering chemical that can be sedating or stimulating and it is normal for cravings to make you feel down, anxious or irritable.
Acupuncture can calm cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms to make it easier for you to give up. Acupuncture also gives them a feeling of well being and self-confidence, which makes it easy for them to give up smoking.
After acupuncture, many smokers feel and unpleasant taste in the mouth if they smoke cigarettes. They will have a greatly reduced desire to smoke. If particular symptoms arise during treatment then these will be addressed, for example, cough, restlessness£¬excessive hunger or difficulties sleeping.
Are any other techniques used between sessions?
Often you are prescribed herbs or supplements to control withdrawal symptoms or detoxify the body of nicotine. Modern science has confirmed that smokers develop higher levels of nicotine-induced endorphins. Unlike the patch, herbs actually help clear away nicotine buildup instead of adding more to it.
Sometimes Herbal cigarettes (nicotine free) are also used for stress-related smokers.
How many acupuncture treatments will I need?
The acupuncture program for quit smoking normally consists of four to six visits. I would recommend two treatments per week for the first two weeks, to help you get through the most difficult time. You might then change to weekly treatments, and gradually increase the interval between treatments as you find the cravings subsiding.