Dr Huang is a senior consultant and has more than 20 years experience. She was educated at Zhejiang Medical University of TCM and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in TCM. After eight years practicing, she decided for advanced education and completed 3-year  Master Degree’s course of Acupuncture in Shanghai University of TCM and was awarded with M.D Honors Thesis. She has published eight academic articles in journal of national core many. Dr Huang is a well experienced TCM practitioner and specializes in Female Infertility/IVF Support,Menopause,Mental Disorders, Urinary Disorders, Asthma,Skin Problems,Back Pain &Trapped Nerve etc.

Dr Zheng has been trained in both traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine; holds Orthopaedics Bachelor in Beijing TCM University(1992-97) and Acupuncture Master¡¯ degree in Shanghai TCM University (1999-2001).He has nearly 20 years of working experiences as a medical doctor and has been practicing in UK since 2003.Dr zheng has extensive experience in Acute&Chronic Pain and Injury, such as Arthritis,Sciatica,Frozen Shoulder,Tennis Elbow etc;Skin Problems and Natural Support for chronic health issues.

Editors¡¯ s words: (DR Q HUANG&DR H ZHENG)
The intents are based on the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) from patients coming to see us at the Clinic. Chinese medicine is often misunderstood because the five thousand year old eastern descriptions do not fit into a modern western understanding. We hope that this website will answer you some questions about Chinese medicine. If you have any other questions please telephone us on 01279 626888.

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