Menopause is the next natural step in a woman's life. This is when the woman is no longer fertile and her body has stopped all production of estrogen. Most menopausal symptoms are usually happens two to five years after the symptoms start, but some women can experience very severe symptoms for many more years and absolutely ruined their normal life.
It is estimated that eight out of ten women in the UK experience symptoms leading up to the menopause. Only one in 10 women seek medical advice when they go through the menopause. However, if you are having menopausal symptoms and they  really interfere with your daily life, there are natural treatments available that can help.

Main menopausal symptoms you often can see:
Hot flushes and night sweats

Emotion changes(anxiety/depression/panic)

Vaginal symptoms (vaginal dryness, itching or discomfort)
Urinary symptoms (You may find that you become prone to recurrent lower urinary tract infections. You may also experience an urgent need to pass urine, and need to pass it more often than normal.)

Acupuncture and Chinese herb remedies can successfully ease off the menopausal symptoms.They could  correct  and restore imbalances  of the body's yin and yang, qi and blood which are the root of menopausal complaints.


I put off acupuncture for 3 months as was afraid of needles but wished I had come sooner.I actually  look forward to my weekly Acupuncture treatments and feel very relaxed afterwards.I am being treated for menopausal symptoms,was suffering severe hot flushes,insomnia,anxiety.I couldn't believe it,after the first treatment I slept over 15 hours and woke up with a smile and since then insomnia just gone like a MIRACLE!Hot flushes also completely disappeared within a few weeks.Very happy.Highly recommended!                                       JACKIE

I started Acupuncture for my lower back pain&very tense tight shoulders.Over time this has improved so much.All thanks to the works of Amy.More recently I have been particularly impressed  and extremely satisfied by the treatment she has been given me for menopause urinary symptoms which I have been suffering for years.I have seen magnificent  improvement within the space of 2 weeks.I am so very impressed by the results.The patient care and attentions are so very good.The professional explanation that Amy gives and reassurance backed  up by results are extremely remarkable. A totally wonderful package&care are given by John&Amy.I am so thankful for the initial recommendation of their services,that was given to me!