Dr.Amy Huang and Dr. John Zheng, two fully qualified practitioners & nearly 30-year experience! Member of ATCM(the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK). Our clinic provides high-quality professional services to achieve and maintain your health through ACUPUNCTURE,FU ACUPUNCTURE,ACUPRESSURE TUINA(MEDICAL MASSAGE),CUPPING/GUASHA and NATURAL HERBS.

Founded in October 2000, our clinc is a well established Traditional Chinese Medicine healthcare centre in Harlow, Essex.A high-percentage business is from repeat clients and referrals via word of mouth.Until 2019, more than 10000 patients have registered with our clinic.

Dr Huang and Dr Zheng  graduated from prestigious  University of TCM and have worked both in China and UK. Based on the belief that our clients needs are of the utmost importance, we have committed to dedicating to encourage wellness, tranquility and healing.We give our best to offer you tailored therapies. 

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine? (TCM)

TCM has been in continuous use for over 5000 years and is the cornerstone of a civilization of nearly 1.4 billion people, which consists of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, acupressure, exercise and nutritional therapy. It is rooted in ancient Taoist philosophy which views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified ,each influencing and balancing the other.Unlike conventional medicine attempting to isolate and separate a disease from a person,TCM emphasizes a holistic approach when we see a patient.The aim of TCM is to restore the natural balance and harmony of the individual and universe.Many people have found Traditional Chinese Methods of healing to be excellent tools for helping you achieve and keep optimum health and prevent illness.It is effective foe physical,psychological and emotional problems.

How to Get Started?

You can register in our clinic and talk with a fully qualified Chinese doctor for a one-to-one consultation. Your extensive initial consultation with the doctor will lay the groundwork for your health-rebuilding program.
An initial visit includes a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and your relevant health history, followed by physical exam. It is helpful to bring any recent laboratory results that you may have. We usually spend 1 hour during the initial visit, which may include acupuncture treatment. Once completing the interview, the doctor will recommend a tailored treatment plan to the individual, which could be acupuncture, herbs prescription or combination.