Is Chinese herbal medicine safe?
Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced Clinically on the human body for thousands of years. Through thousands of years of clinically practice, Chinese herbal medicine has successfully treated millions of patients. This number is much larger than any experimental clinical trials required.

Is Chinese herbal medicine effective?
Chinese herbal medicine efficacy has been proved through thousands of years of spreading of CHM practices from China to Asia, from Asia to Europe. This growing popularity among patients around the world is the best testimonials for its efficacy.

Why do most of chinese doctors always use classic formula?
In thousands of years of experience in Chinese medicine, generation by generation, there are hundreds of excellent classic formulas to be used to treat different diseases. They have proven to be very effective in treating all kinds of conditions.

Often we prescribe a formula based on the classic formula, and add or deduct some herbs, adjusting the dosage depending on the patient's condition.

Do we use any endangered species in hernal products?
We have always condemned the illegal trade in endangered plant and animal species, and are subject to strict rules which prohibit the use of any such material.